Carlos Melconian: “The disaster received is not fixed by a single government”

While still questioning as those who cost him his job at the head of Banco NaciĆ³n, the economist Carlos Melconian again tone down his criticism of the official economic policy.

In that sense, the economist acknowledged in an interview to TN that “the disaster that the Government received is not fixed by a single administration”. “I have always said that politics has to wear long pants (and accompany the government), it is not a solution of an administration or a president,” he said.

According to the economist, the government had a “good diagnosis” of the economic situation it inherited, but “ignored” that and ended up going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “The government had a good diagnosis about the disaster that it inherited but it was wrong with the instruments it started, which ignored the diagnosis,” he said.

He also assured that “the previous administration went away with the greatest fiscal pressure in history and left a tremendous hole”, although later there was a question of “malpractice” of the current government.

“We should not underestimate the fact of starting with a minority government (…) Matches for 90 minutes and (Macri) is doing battle, for now we are losing, but it can be turned around,” he said.

On the other hand, he considered that “we are not in a scenario of default, since with the IMF in the period 2018-19 will enter US $ 33,000 million. Although the account is missing some US $ 7,000 million or US $ 8,000 million and at these prices Argentina can not go to the market, they are not numbers by which someone goes to the default “.

Edison Carroll

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