This is the Silicon Valley company that settled in Barranquilla

Jumio SAS started operations in partnership with NativApps, a Colombian Caribbean company. It is a society of the American Jumio Corp, crafted in Palo Alto California.

With 400 jobs generated and an initial investment of USD 1 million in the first phase (more than $ 1,800 million), it will begin its services with the first Latin American office of Jumio Corp, a technology-based organization born in Silicon Valley, which started operations in Barranquilla .

The arrival of this company is valued from the positioning of Barranquilla as an attractive city due to the development of its infrastructure and human capital.

Gustavo de la Vega, an entrepreneur and entrepreneur with experience for more than 15 years, explains that the arrival of Jumio Corp was due to the partnership with NativApps. This company of software development, content, support and operations is the ally of Jumio S.A.S., as the company is registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Barranquilla since last May.

“The operation started with the first 150 jobs. An investment of more than 5 million dollars per year will be made during the first phase. In the next 24 months they estimate to grow by 200%. Generating 400 jobs in less than two months is not little. The trained and hired personnel are technologists who are mostly graduates of institutions such as Itsa and with 40% knowledge of English, “said Gustavo de la Vega.

Jumio’s global activity, and it is its line of business, consists of verifying and checking the identities of people for clients in the world such as Airbnb or and even governments like the United States.

People when they apply for a credit through a technological platform, process a visa to enter a country in the world or acquire some services that require contracts are subjected to a process of verification of identity and personal information.

Through a website interested in acquiring, for example, an air ticket, separating a room in a hotel anywhere in the world, attach some scanned documents and complete personal information forms. The documents and information are confirmed by companies such as Jumio, which in turn outsources this procedure.

The American company, born in the heart of Palo Alto California, where Apple, Google, Facebook, among others, also formed a partnership with NativApps to develop digital tools and meet the requirements of identity confirmation. A function that demands from its clients confidence and tranquility to banks, embassies and other organizations that have online procedures.

“We seek to impact the city and recognize the work that has been done by the local government to provide the city with a better infrastructure, showing that it is a stable city to attract investment. And it puts us in the focus of Silicon Valley companies. Jumio is a technology company and leader in the world is set up in Barranquilla as a result of the work of Procolombia, ProBarranquilla, universities like the North, and other entities such as ComBarranquilla, where the job fair was held, “added Gustavo de la Vega.

Jumio Corp was founded in 2010 by Daniel Mattes and in 2016 it accepted Chapter 11 for a restructuring process due to financial problems. That same year it was acquired by Eduardo Saverin (co-founder of Facebook), who rescued the company from bankruptcy and consolidated it as the main company in the identity verification business.

Currently, Jumio has offices in Canada and the United States, but its only verification operations center is in India. In total, it has more than 2,500 workers around the world, as well as between 350 and 400 customers in 40 countries, from the financial sectors, cryptocurrencies, shared economy, retails, among others.

On the official website of Jumio on its website that informs and shows what kind of organization, a space of eight major cities of the world is destined: Palo Alto, California (USA), London (England), Vienna (Austria), New York ( USA), Singapore, Montreal (Canada), Rajasthan (India), Linz (Austria). And it is expected that the city that will appear will be Barranquilla.

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